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Build yourself a copy of GBA4iOS

22 Sep 2015

GBA4iOS is an awesome GBA and GBC emulator for iOS and for obvious reasons can’t be on AppStore. The current version only supports iOS 8.3. If are you using iOS 9 and want to give a try, follow this guide.

The new version of Xcode allows that you can test an app in your device without having to be a member of the Apple Developer Program.

1 - Download and install the Xcode 7 beta

2 - Open Xcode 7, open preferences and login to your Apple Account.


3 - Download the source of the updated version of GBA4iOS:

git clone -b updated_ios9 gba; cd gba

4 - Edit the file named Podfile and replace this line:

pod "Crashlytics"

By this:

pod "Crashlytics", "3.1.1"

5 - Install the project dependencies:

sudo gem install cocoapods
pod install

6 - Open the workspace in Xcode, plug in your iPhone and select it as the build destination.


7 - We now need to generate a code signing signature for the app. Click on the project on the left, fill in a unique “Bundle Identifier” and click on “Fix Issue” (make sure your name is selected as “team”)


8 - Click the play button in the top left. If there’s no build errors the app should now launch on your phone!

Ready to go!

This guide is based on this post with the proper changes to work in iOS 9.